1. How soon can I get a VPS?

The installation of the Virtual Server takes about an hour, depending on the operating system and additional requirements. We have the individual approach to every our client and strive to fulfill their needs and requirements.

2. What can I host?

You can host everything that is not prohibited by the laws of the country where you will rent your VPS.

3. How will I need to make the payment?

Payment is made once a month for the next period. You will be billed two weeks prior to the expiration of the current period.

4. Which payments do you accept?

We accept Webmoney, Wire Transfer and Kiwi.

5. What equipment do you use?
Our VPS servers are set on the servers made of the Intel parts of the Dual Xeon E5620 / 32gb RAM / 4 × 1000 sata typical configuration

6. Your competitors’ prices are much lower and there are options offering VPS 300 MHz.

Other companies are using virtualization, XEN, OpenVZ, etc. on the core of the system itself.
We also use virtualization VmWare ESXi. that requires considerable capacity of the system where

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